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Jessy Mendiola & Crisha Uy Talk About Relationship Issues Like Cheating & Moving On

The two take on the 'Drink or Spill' challenge!
Jessy Mendiola and Crisha Uy answer relationship and personal questions in Drink or Spill challenge

Vloggers Jessy Mendiola and Crisha Uy took on the "Drink or Spill" challenge! The rules are pretty simple: They either answer a question or refuse and take a sip of their drink. Jessy shared that this is the first time she's actually getting to know Crisha because they used to just greet each other in passing. 

Things get interesting, to say the least. The *first* question was whether or not an actor, influencer, model has ever slid into their DMs, lol! (The answer, btw, is oo!) Talking about turn-ons, awkward dates, and weird gifts they've received, the two got real about their relationship experiences. Jessy and Crisha found out that when it comes to love, they both tend to give too much of themselves, "yung wala nang natira para sa sarili mo."

When asked about their view on cheating, Jessy simply said, "No." She explained, "Sa sarili ko, feeling ko ibabalik-balik ko 'yon sa karelasyon ko, tapos uulit-ulit tayo na 'yun at 'yun lang yung pagaawayan natin. May mga bagay kasi na kunwari, ang babaw nang pinagaawayan niyo tapos babalik na sobrang bigat..." Jessy and Crisha agreed that when it comes to cheating, there are no second chances. 


The next question asked for their advice on how to move on, to which Crisha replied, "Keep moving forward. Life goes on. Hindi naman end of the world. Nabuhay ka before na wala naman siya so kaya mo pa rin tumayo sa sarili mong paa."

Watch Jessy Mendiola and Crisha Uy's "Drink or Spill" challenge:


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