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The Moment Jessy Mendiola Knew She Wanted To Give Luis Manzano A Chance

Jessy actually friendzoned Luis at first!
Jessy Mendiola, Luis Manzano, Questions I've Never Asked My Husband vlog

Jessy Mendiola and Luis Manzano open up about their relationship in a new video posted on Jessy's YouTube channel. Titled "Questions I've Never Asked My Husband," the two get real about what they argue about, challenges they've faced as a couple, and more. 

One of the questions Jessy asked Luis was, "Nung time na binasted kita, bakit mo sinubukang manligaw ulit?" To which he simply replied, "You were worth it."

The vlogger turned Luis down TWICE, telling him that they were better off as friends. The second time she *dumped* him was actually at his house! Jessy said, "Nagkaiyakan tayo sa bahay [mo]." 

Luis proceeded to tell the story: "Nagusap kami sa bahay ko tapos binasted niya ako. Sabi niya na, 'Friends lang tayo.' Okay, walang problema. Perfectly understandable. So nung binasted niya ko, she met up with her friends. Kumain sila somewhere. Siguro after mga an hour and a half, tinext niya ako, 'Uy, gusto mo pumunta?'" LOL!

He continued, "Ininvite pa ako! Binasted ka na, nagkaiyakan kayo, tapos after one hour, yayayain kang kumain sa labas."

Apparently, this was the sign that Jessy was looking for: If Luis showed up, she'd give him a chance. If not, it wasn't meant to be. We all know how that ended. ;)

The couple tied the knot earlier this year, having been together since 2016. 

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