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Here’s How You Can Work Out Just Like Jessy Mendiola

The actress releases a new fitness video on her vlog, Senorita Jessy Is In Love.

In a new vlog episode titled "Señorita Jessy Is In Love With Fitness," Jessy Mendiola shares her go-to workout routine when she’s traveling. For the high-intensity workout, all you need are resistance bands, gloves, and your hotel room towel as an exercise mat. “My form isn’t perfect… and I try to correct it, but I’m a work in progress and there’s always space for improvement.”

The actress shares that she shifted to high-intensity workouts and changed her diet after taking a food intolerance test. She found out that her body was intolerant to wheat bread and that eating white rice actually made her stop craving sweets, which made her lose seven pounds in a week! 

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