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Jillian Ward Has *No Plans* Of Joining Beauty Pageants: 'Pag-aartista na po talaga ang gusto ko'

She just turned 18 earlier this year.
Former child star Jillian Ward is not interested in becoming a beauty queen.
PHOTO: Instagram/jillian

Former child star Jillian Ward has blossomed into a beautiful woman, and it's no surprise people would like to see her on the beauty pageant stage.

Speaking to reporters during the press conference for her upcoming fantasy series Daig Kayo Ng Lola Ko, the actress addressed the question of whether the thought of becoming a beauty queen has ever crossed her mind.

"Hindi po kasi talaga ako passionate sa mga beauty pageant," the 18-year-old actress replied.

Jillian also expressed how she'd rather focus on acting as it's something she grew up doing.

"Ewan ko po, para sa akin, baby pa lang ako, buong buhay ko, pag-aartista na po talaga ang gusto ko. Eto po talaga yung nasa puso ko."

Jillian shot to fame in the 2010 drama-comedy series Trudis Liit. She turned 18 in February 2023. Apart from showbiz, she keeps herself busy with her YouTube channel and her own milk tea business.



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