John Spainhour: Casually Cool

Find out what it takes to catch this hottie's eye as he reveals his date do's and don'ts.

Dear John, can I be the one? We wish! This week, our drool-worthy hunk talks about the qualities you might have that'll win him over.

What’s the sexiest part of a woman’s body?

"Legs and butt."

Describe your ideal woman.

"This will have to be a little generic. [I like girls who are] tall, thin, toned, and fit. She needs to have a pretty face, of course—that’s a no brainer. I’d say the biggest unique thing about them would be their personality. They have to understand me and I have to be able to relate with them as well. We have to enjoy doing similar stuff."

What would a girl have to do to catch your eye and stand out?

"Well if she looks good, that will definitely catch my eye. If you could look good without trying to make yourself look good, that would be great. "

Where’s the best place to meet girls?

"I think the best place for me personally would be through work. It’s also kind of weird as well because you don’t really want to date the people you work with, but I think I run into more quality girls there. If you’re looking for good, single people, the clubs would be the best place to find that."

What’s the biggest turn off for you?

"Being too easy and too slutty." (laughs)

Where do you usually take girls out on dates?

"Usually the first thing that comes to mind is a movie and dinner. Once I start to know them more, I’ll take them to a firing range or something similar, like ice skating, I guess. Wait, that’s not similar at all actually!"

Do you use pick up lines?

"No, I don’t. It seems too obvious and it’s kind of one of those things that’s so cheesy. It’ll probably just make me start laughing."

Do you mention that you used to be a Marine? I’m sure girls love that.

"Not initially. I mean it’s not like I walk up to them and I’m like, 'Hey, do you know I was an ex-marine?' and she’ll be like 'Yeah, I know.' (laughs) No, I don’t do that. I guess I only mention it if it comes up in a conversation, or if something related comes up."

What are your thoughts on aggressive girls?

"It depends. If she’s aggressive in a way where it’s like, 'I do this all time. Come with me,' then no, that’s nasty. But if it’s the type where, 'I know what I want, and I don’t usually do this except for things I want,' then that must mean I’m a big deal then. If it’s that kind of aggressive, then I guess it’s okay."

Have you ever experienced people getting too aggressive with you?

"Yeah, guys and girls (laughs). I’ll be nice, but I try not to fall into those kinds of stuff."

Thoughts on kissing on a first date?

"It’s okay if you really click."

What about sleeping together on a first date?

"Hmm…you’re going to get me into trouble! That’s similar to kissing."

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Outfit: Jacket and shirt from Folded and Hung. Pants from Hang Ten.  Shoes, model's own.
Shot on location at Summit Studios.
Sittings editor: Stephanie Esguerra
Interviewer: Gianna Banzon
Stylist: Camille Santiago
Grooming: Carmel Villongco

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