John Spainhour: Keeping It Real

Suited up or dressed down? Either way, we'll take him!

Every girl loves a man in a suit. Whether it's for a romantic night out with a very lucky lady or a naughty role-playing scene in the bedroom, that three-piece ensemble will surely amp up the sexy meter a few notches.

In our previous interviews with John, he let us in on his life as a Marine (Oh, Dear John!) and the qualities he looks for in a woman. This week, our Online Hunk lets his guard down as he dishes on his special someone (sorry, ladies!), the difference between Pinays and American women, and marriage.

Read more from our interview below and check out John's sizzling spread by flipping through the gallery!

What was your most romantic date story?

"I’m probably not the most romantic guy, in my opinion. "

What’s the biggest difference between Filipino and American women, and which do you prefer?

"I find American girls easier to get along with because I’m American and I grew up in the States, so I share the same American personality. I usually click with them faster and easier, and they always get even the simplest of my jokes. Here in the Philippines I kind of have to cope with [people not understanding my humor]. The girls here are cuter though! The girls in the States can be more broad, I guess. "

Do you get nervous when you meet girls?

"I used to be really nervous because I’m pretty shy. Now, I don’t really think about it too much. That’s the best way to do it."

What’s the craziest thing you’ve done to get a girl’s attention?

"Probably throw rocks at her…nah just kidding (laughs). I don’t think I’ve done anything super crazy. I just try to be funny. Sometimes when I try to be funny though that’s when I end up looking stupid, so I don’t really try anymore now."

Let’s move on to the next topic: relationships. Are you in a relationship right now?

"Yeah, I am."

Can you tell us a little bit about that, like how you met?

"I met [my girlfriend] when I first got here to the Philippines. I was out with my brother and we went to a club, and she was there, too. I saw her from the other side of the club and I just noticed her, like, 'Dang, she’s really pretty.' When I first saw her I thought, 'I’ll never talk to her, there’s no chance.' The only way I’d get to talk to her is if I run up there and use one of those pick up lines and be super obvious. A couple of weeks later I ran into her again and one of my other friends introduced us, and then we started talking."

Is she Filipino?

"Yes she is."

We couldn’t help but notice during the Bachelor Bash you kissed a girl in the audience. Was that her?

"Yes, that was my girlfriend."

Did you plan that or was it just a spontaneous moment?

"No, that wasn’t planned. I knew she was there and I didn’t know what [gimmick] I was going to do on the ramp. I just saw her and I was like, 'Come here,' then I kissed her."

How did you feel during the Bachelor Bash knowing that everyone was screaming for you?

"It felt pretty good. It was a nice change to have people scream for you rather than at you like in the Marine Corps where people are constantly yelling at you for every little mess up. It’s nice to have people cheering for you for once."

What was the best relationship advice you’ve ever received?

"If the person you’re with doesn’t like you for who you are and you have to try to be someone else to be with them, then it’s probably not the best idea."

Love is _____:


Do you see yourself getting married anytime soon?

"No!" (Laughs)

When do you think is the right time to get married?

"There are several theories I have about that but I’m not going to force any of them. I’m just going with the flow. My brother has a kid right now, and I would love to have a kid that’s close to his kid's age so they can relate. But the idea of me having a kid right now is probably not the best idea. So it’s kind of like pros and cons of marriage now and marriage later."

What’s the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for you?

"If they really show me that they care for me, not just by saying it but by actually making me feel it, that’s probably the sweetest thing."

Who’s your celebrity crush?

"Off the top of my head: Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel, Taylor Swift."

What are some of you non-negotiables in a relationship?

"Besides the obvious stuff, specifically for me, it's try not to act like you’re above me. If you act like I need to be doing everything for you, then that’s going to turn me off and make me want to find someone better."

Is it difficult to balance your relationship and your career?

"At times it seems like it because I’ll do my jobs and when I’m done I usually go see my girlfriend. But sometimes that can get in the way of going to the gym and other things that my job requires me to do. So yes, I have noticed a lot that the hardest part is finding time to do everything."

Are you a mama’s boy?

"Not really. I don’t talk to my mom too much about the girls I date unless she brings it up."

Hypothetically, will you get back with someone who cheated on you?

"No, not unless for a one night stand (laughs)."

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Outfit: Coat and vest from Memo. Polo from Hang Ten. Pants from Folded and Hung  Shoes from Traffic.
Shot on location at Summit Studios.
Sittings editor: Stephanie Esguerra
Interviewer: Gianna Banzon
Stylist: Camille Santiago
Grooming: Carmel Villongco

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