John Spainhour: The Marine

Get ready for some hot and steamy action as John Spainhour strips down--literally and figuratively--all month long.

You've seen his chiseled face and glorious body plastered on billboards and magazines. He is currently one of the country's most sought-after male models and was chosen to be one of Cosmo's 10 Centerfolds in this year's Bachelor Bash. Behold, the dreamyJohn Spainhour.

In the span of a year, John has catapulted into stardom after emerging victorious in the 2012 Century Tuna Superbods competition, which landed him several modeling gigs like Kojie.sen Man and Rajo! for Milano.

Flip through the gallery to see John's sizzling photos for this week and get to know him more as he talks about his life before modeling.

We heard you were a Marine before moving to the Philippines. How long did you serve?

"I did 5 years in the Marine Corps."

Can you tell us about your experience?

"I was [assigned to] the Infantry. It required less, like you didn’t need a really high score from the test that you take before you enlist. If you scored the lowest on the test, the lowest possible to pass, the Infantry is the number one place you’ll be sent. It’s not that I scored low, but it was where I wanted to go. Then from there I branched out to specialties like Scout Sniper School and Closed Quarters Combat. Those were the things I specialized in while I was in the Infantry."

What’s the best part about being a Marine?

"The best part about being a Marine is you get to shoot lots of guns. We got to play with lots of toys, and we did it all for free. If you wanted to do that on your own you’d have to buy the amo, a gun, and rent a place to shoot. But in the Marine Corps, it was all provided and your job is to go out and have fun, really. There are also other things about the Marine Corps that wasn’t really so fun, though."

What was the most challenging part?

"I’d say sniper school is probably the hardest. It’s actually infamous within the military to be one of the hardest schools. Being selected to even go to this school was a big accomplishment. Graduating was even bigger."

Do you have any particular memorable stories that you want to share?

"I have a bunch, but some of them might be a little too vulgar. We had our fun, especially in Iraq. As a way to keep ourselves sane, we’d kind of joke around a lot. We’d do stupid stuff that you wouldn’t think people would be joking around about. Things like, if we run into a hidden explosive on the road, we’ll joke around with someone who’s almost finished with his term and is ready to go out, and we’d be like 'Hey, why don’t you check out that explosive and just kick it a little bit  to see if it’s real or not?' We had our good times."

Are you still in touch with your friends from the Marines?

"Oh yeah. I still talk to them a lot on Facebook. They always invite me to their weddings. Whenever they come back from another deployment, they always ask if I’m around and see if we can visit and catch up."

How did you end up back in the Philippines?

"My mom’s from the Philippines so I’ve always had a connection with that. My brother was working as a model here for a few months. At that time I was going to school and had just gotten out of the Marine Corps and was looking for something to do, so I went to school. I wasn’t really decided on what I wanted to take, so my brother was like, 'Why don’t you come out here to the Philippines and just model for a bit?' So I came out here and gave it a try."

So that’s how you got into modeling, by following your brother’s footsteps?

"[I thought of it] a few times, even while I was in the Marine Corps. The agency my brother was working for in Thailand was trying to get me to go, but I couldn’t because I was still in the Marine Corps. Also, I wasn’t really taking [modeling] too seriously. I was like, 'What? Modeling?' But then once I was out of the Marine Corps I thought, might as well give it a shot."

Let’s talk about your stint on Century Super Bods. How did you get into that?

"I first heard about it in January when I did the commercial for Century Tuna that was actually promoting the competition. I didn’t really know too much about it. Then after I did the TVC, my agency said they wanted to submit me [as a contestant] so we worked on a video together for the online casting. I just thought 'Okay, why not? Sure.' So we did that, submitted the video, and I was chosen for the first casting, and so on and so forth."

What do you do to maintain your physique?

"I go to the gym and lift free weights. I also run on the treadmill. Here in the city I’m limited to do things. Back home [in the States] I go swimming in lakes, canoeing in rivers, hiking and biking up mountains, snowboarding, and all sorts of stuff."

What else do you like doing during your free time?

"I actually play a lot of video games. I’m kind of a nerd when it comes to that (laughs). You wouldn’t really think I was, but I am! I like guns, motorcycles, and snowboarding. I can’t do those here in the Philippines of course, so mostly just video games."

If not modeling, what career do you think you would have pursued?

"I still don’t know. When I first got out of the Marine Corps, my plan was just to go back to school. When I started school they asked my what degree I wanted to take and I was like, 'Uh I don’t know.' So they just suggested that I take all the general classes to give me time to decide. After two semesters I still didn’t know, and that’s when I started modeling."

You mentioned that you're half-Filipino. What do you think is your most Filipino trait?

"Hmm...dark hair and dark eyes. Personality-wise, I’m usually very happy and I do like to eat."

How different is your lifestyle here from the States?

"When I lived in the States I definitely didn’t live in a big city. This is the first time I lived in a big city, so that’s probably the biggest change. I have a lot more close friends back home. I also related better with Americans, it seems. They get my humor more (laughs)."

How was it like transitioning from being a Marine to being a model?

"It was a weird one because I didn’t think modeling was something I’d ever be doing. I definitely had to get used to it. In the Marines we’d be joking around about modeling and we’d laugh about it. But when I started doing it, of course I had to take it seriously. Some of the things I had to do would make me crack up a little bit, but after a while I’d get used to it."

What’s your favorite Filipino dish?

"Probably chicken adobo."

American dish?

"I don’t think anything’s really American but maybe a steak on a grill."

Outfit: Jacket from Hang Ten. Pants from Folded and Hung. Shoes, model's own.
Shot on location at Summit Studios.
Sittings editor: Stephanie Esguerra
Interviewer: Gianna Banzon
Stylist: Camille Santiago
Grooming: Carmel Villongco

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