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Juancho Trivino's Pre-Valentine's Date For Joyce Pring Sets The Bar High For V-Day Surprises

Can your beau top Juancho's Valentine's move?
PHOTO: Instagram/Juancho Trivino

We’ve been following this pair pretty closely—from the traditional ligaw stage to all the kilig stories in between. As an advanced suave-love move, Juancho Trivino pulled out all of the stops to make this V-day extra special for Joyce Pring. Romantic date? Check. Making accomplices out of friends? Check. Blush-worthy bouquet of flowers? Check. A super planned-out ultra-sweet evening? Check.

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Since Joyce was going to be out of town for the Valentine’s, Juancho carefully orchestrated an advanced V-day date. Pretending he was busy with previous appointments, he said he couldn’t tag along with Joyce and her friends to Anilao. Little did Joyce know that that was just a scheme to set up the surprise. Getting the friends in on the surprise, he told them to to swing by Tagaytay on their way home from the Batangas. There, Juancho waited for Joyce at Sonya’s Garden in Tagaytay where he set up an elaborate dinner for the two of them. It had the works—a petal-strewn tabletop, mood-making candlelight, flowers, a tender dance.

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Juancho spilled the details of the kilig date on his IG post, thanked his accomplices, and made a public plea to Joyce saying, “#SagutinMoNaAko (Please).” Ikaw na, girl. We wonder if this finally sealed the deal.

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