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Julia Barretto Says There's Nothing Wrong About Girls Making The First Move In A Relationship

She also shared what she thinks about doing 'kiss and tell.'
PHOTO: INSTAGRAM/juliabarretto

Julia Barretto went candid about how she believes a woman should act in a relationship in her recent video featuring Marco Gumabao. While on the topic of whether it is okay for girls to be the ones to make the first move, she shared, "Personally, ang sinasabi ko lang, walang problema kung yung babae ang unang mag-express ng feelings, whether or not reciprocated."

She explains that while she believes guys should be the ones who should initiate the courting, it doesn’t really matter who expresses their feelings first.

She even shared one piece of advice she got from a pastor during a Christian service that left a deep mark on her. According to the preacher, there is nothing wrong if a woman says 'I love you' first to someone they consider special.

On the other hand, Julia expressed that she is not the type to do 'kiss and tell.' In fact, she believes that couples should protect each other's private and special moments instead of sharing them with other people


"I feel like the older you get, just the more you become protective of your intimate moments in life. Also, I feel like when you’re in a relationship, you become so protective of that person."

She continues, "You don’t want to even divulge anything about that person, or even your relationship with that person, especially your intimate moments. It should be something valued and protected."

Watch Julia and Marco's full video below.

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