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Here Are All The Clues That Prove Julia Barretto And Gerald Anderson Are Starring In A New Film Together

Could the clues be mere coincidence? Help us decode.
PHOTO: Instagram/juliabarretto and andersongeraldjr

Last month, Julia Barretto posted on Twitter saying “Hello, sheepmates!” She was pertaining to her working with Black Sheep studio. Black Sheep is the studio/prod house behind famous contemporary cinema hits, like Exes Baggage and Alone/Together.

The studio posted: “This just in: We have a new Sheepmate on the block!” Aside from welcoming Julia, the post was also building anticipation for the actress’ co-star in the upcoming film. 

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Then, three days ago, on March 15, stars Julia and Gerald Anderson took to Instagram, and both uploaded posts with similar cryptic captions. Julia’s post read: “Need a little quiet time for a while. Time to get away....” Gerald’s post, on the other hand, said: “Thirty years old...need time to think about the next chapter of my life...need a little quiet time for a while..time to get away....” 

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Followers of the two stars were quick to draw the connection. The comments sections of both stars’ posts were busy with guesses, well wishes, and giddy excitement.

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Then, over the weekend, we got one of the biggest clues yet: Black Sheep, Julia, and Gerald all posted Japan pics with a highlight on one phrase: “Takas tayo.” Gerald and Black Sheep even posted nearly identical pics from similar vantage points. Their pics were snaps that showed a traditional cultural village in Japan.

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Black Sheep doled out even more clues today, showing director clapboards of the upcoming Jason Paul Laxamana–directed film. They also finally revealed the title of the flick: Between Maybes. Could those stars behind the boards be Julia and Gerald?

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Unless our sleuth skills are getting rusty, we suppose it’s safe to assume that Between Maybes is a film starring Julia and Gerald. From the title, the cryptic connections, and the Japan setting, we’ll dare to make another wild guess: The movie probably has a meantime love plot set during a soul-searching holiday. Let’s see if we’re correct. Waaah! We’re already so looking forward to catching this upcoming Black Sheep prod. Plus, with Japan as the setting—then, we’re absolutely sold!

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