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K Brosas On Daughter's *Coming Out* Story: 'Sabi ko, kahit halamang dagat ka pa'

A mom we love. 
K Brosas on accepting her lesbian daughter
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Coming out to your parents will always be a tough decision to make. But if your mother is comedian K Brosasyou won't have to worry about it.

During an interview on Karen Davila's YouTube channel, K candidly shared the story of how she handled the coming out of Crystal Brosas.

The comedian-singer admitted that long before her daughter revealed her sexual orientation, K already knew. But she initially chose not to get ahead of Crystal. "Alam ko na high school pa lang nakakaramdam na ako. Pero siyempre kwento nila 'yan, dapat sila ang magkwento," she said.

However, some people saw it as an issue and went up to K and intrigued her about it. K did not want it to be a big deal. So she decided to tell Crystal how she feels about Crystal's sexual orientation. "Kasi nakarating sakin, "yung anak mo tomboy pala" ayoko nang lumaki so sabi ko, inunahan ko na siya. "Anak alam ko na," K stated. 


She recalled that her daughter cried a lot when it was time to face the truth. "Iyak lang siya nang iyak. Ako hindi ako umiiyak, sabi ko "kahit halamang dagat ka pa" ganon talaga dapat."

K called out on fellow parents who have kids that are part of the LGBTQIA+ community. For her, acceptance should come naturally. "Sa panahon ngayon, anak niyo 'yan. Siyam na buwan nating dinala 'yan."

Despite K's acceptance of her daughter, there were still negative comments about Crystal, saying "sayang ang ganda ng anak mo, ay hindi ka na magkaka-apo."

K strongly refuted these kinds of statements toward Crystal. The comedian-actress sees her child, not as a product that is obligated to function a certain way, but as a person who has her own dreams and aspirations in life.

She said that no matter what happens, she's not one to change her daughter's decisions and that she'll do her best to support and guide her.

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"Again ang mga anak natin, ano yan, produkto? Kahit naman hindi tomboy 'yung anak ko, sabihin sakin ng anak ko na hindi siya mag-anak, wala akong magagawa, hindi 'yung (sasabihin ko) mag-asawa ka ha, bigyan mo ako ng apo. Wala akong magagawa sa ganon," K argued.

It was in 2020 when K gave her daughter the chance to be out and proud. On Instagram, she posted a video of them together opening up about Crystal's gender identity.

"Ang anak ko po ay..." K began. "I am a lesbian. I am gay," Crystal proudly declared in the video.

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