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Kathryn Bernardo Wrote The Most Touching Instagram Post To Celebrate 7 Years With Daniel Padilla

BRB, crying.
PHOTO: Instagram/lefauxtegraphe

Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla only confirmed last year that they’ve been dating for “more than five years”—but revealed nothing more.

Yesterday, though, Kathryn finally disclosed more details about her relationship with Daniel on Instagram. Apparently, the two are celebrating their seventh anniversary!

The actress posted a clip of their past travels then followed it up with a letter. She wrote, “Dear DJ, people usually ask us, ‘How do you stay in love?’ And truth be told, I don’t know the answer to that either.”

She continued, “Because for us, we just wing it—it’s not forced, it’s not planned, it’s not strategic. There’s no formula. But these I do know: Staying in love is a decision you make every day. You have to appreciate what you have every single day. You have to grow together—and sometimes that means growing individually, but never growing apart. And no matter how hard life may be, you never give up on each other.”

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Kathryn is referring to their decision to work separately; she and Daniel will not be accepting projects together this year. She previously said it was a risk, but she was “excited to discover what kind of opportunities [awaited them] both.”

Continuing with her letter, she alluded to the many characters Daniel has portrayed. “Today, as we celebrate our seventh anniversary, I’m thankful for many things.

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“First, I’m thankful that you’re a lot like Patrick [from Growing Up (2011)]. You have that natural charm about you that you’re not even aware of.

“I’m also thankful for how Gino [from Princess and I (2012)] reminds me of you. You tend to look arrogant at times, but you’re actually genuinely kind and always the first person to fight for love.

“I’m thankful that you’re like Joaquin [from Got to Believe (2013)], who’s always enveloped in some kind of mystery that never fails to draw me in.

“I’m thankful that you’re like Dos [from Can’t Help Falling in Love (2017)]. You’re fun, you’re adventurous, and you’re such a natural at making people laugh.

“Of course, I’m thankful that you’re so much like Primo [from The Hows of Us (2018)]. You have so much passion [for] everything that you do and you always work hard for your dreams. You’re sincerely apologetic when you need to be, and you cherish and prioritize the people you love above all.

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“But more than anything in the world, I’m thankful that you are you—you’re DJ, my tangi, my bal.”

Kath then went on to list the little details she loves about Daniel:

“You massage my feet after a long day of wearing heels…you tie my shoelaces and even cut my nails, you randomly whisper ‘I love you’ and give me a kiss on the forehead. I love how you’re scared of small planes so you never let go of my hand during flights. I love your sweaty hands, the scent of your shirt, your OC tendencies.”

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Kath teased, “But don’t get me wrong, you can be really annoying too when you randomly fart, when you’d rather sleep than go to the gym, whenever you’re being overly conservative, and the fact that you’re super moody in the morning.”

“But I love even the things I hate about you.” Kath reasoned, “because you’re real, because what we have is real, and because these ordinary things make our relationship extraordinary. Thank you for being my dream guy and my reality guy at the same time. Falling and staying in love with you is the best decision I’ve ever made.”

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