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9 Pinays Share Their Favorite KathNiel Movies (So Far)

Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla

ICYMI, Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla are working on a new project again! They're starring in The House Arrest Of Us, a 13-part family drama and romance movie series and we couldn't be more excited. 

In an interview, they shared that they already have plans for a future wedding, which Daniel says he wants to happen in "four to five years."  KathNiel has been together for eight years now! 


They've definitely come a long way since they first entered the entertainment industry, blessing us with several nakakatuwa, nakakaiyak, and nakakakilig movies! Below, we asked girls from our Cosmo Community to share their fave KathNiel films that they'll never get tired of watching. Keep reading for some movie recos you can consider adding to your list! 

She's Dating The Gangster (2014)

"I love KathNiel! I think this was their breakout movie for transitioning to mature roles. I've probably watched it like 100 times na. Best storyline and I wasn't even a fan of the book." -Bernadette 

"She's Dating The Gangster! It's very relatable. My previous ka-"thing" told me her ex has leukemia so I had to let her go kasi she needs her the most at this trying time. Plus, it's my fave because it's KathNiel! Go sexy, go sexy, go sexy sexy love!" -Vero


Crazy Beautiful You (2015)

"I love all KathNiel movies! Paganda nang paganda bawat new movie nila! But my ultimate fave is Crazy Beautiful You. It's so underrated! Dito natapos ang sumpa ni DJ sa mga role na puro papogi, anak mayaman, etc. Sobrang galing niya dito, I swear. Especially that scene na nagtitimpla siya ng coffee tapos naiyak na lang bigla. GRABE." -Roselle

Barcelona: A Love Untold (2016)

"Barcelona is the superior KathNiel film for me kasi 'yon yung first kissing scene nila, haha! Fave na fave ko talaga yung train scene ni Kathryn doonAng galing galing niya!" -Karla

Can't Help Falling In Love (2017)

"It's a fresh take on weddings, marriage, and love. Nag-mature na sila dito sa film na 'to. I love the acting of DJ na jolly and cheerful then later on dramatic." -Magen

"I don't normally watch Tagalog movies on the big screen but this movie was an exception. It's my favorite movie out of all the KathNiel films because their acting was realistic and funny. I was moved to tears by the storyline, and most especially by the comedic side of both actors." -Bianca

The Hows Of Us (2018)

"The movie reflects the real situation of most couples. They grow up, grow apart, dream together, make their own dreams, and in the end with the right timing, if they are meant to be, in God's right time, they will be together forever. I like how they became mature in this movie. And George's lines—sobrang tagos." -Paola

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"The Hows Of Us! Before this movie, at some point I felt like na-surpass ni Daniel si Kathryn as an actor, pero sobrang nag-mature si Kath and I really felt it here (tapos super nag-level up pa siya sa Hello, Love, Goodbye). Ibang KathNiel ang napanood ko rito! Plus the script and supporting cast were super good too. Team effort talaga." -Ysab

"It's my favorite because it brought a new light to the KathNiel love team. Yung tipong 'Ah kaya na pala nila yung mga adult roles na sumasabak sa adult world' type since nasanay nga ang tao sa KathNiel na puro pa-cute (like Got To Believe). Another thing would be the film's story. During those times kasi, halos lahat ng films about heartbreak and unrequited love so natuwa lang ako dun sa concept ng The Hows Of Us na just because 'di ka na masaya and there's no spark, e pagod ka na." -Sandra



Answers have been edited for clarity.

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