How Well Do You Know Kathryn Bernardo Based On Her Instagram Posts?

Here's a comprehensive guide to help you get to know Kath better!
PHOTO: Instagram/bernardokath

Kathryn Bernardo is undeniably one of the most loved and bankable actors of her generation. Her most recent movie with real-life boyfriend Daniel Padilla, The Hows Of Us, is now considered the highest grossing Filipino film of all time.

Kathryn's string of blockbuster movies and endorsements show just how strong of a following she has and it is well reflected on her social media accounts.  

With 7.2 million followers on Instagram and 8.7 million followers on Twitter, Kathryn easily gets thousands of likes for a simple endorsement post and over a million views for a behind-the-scenes video with Daniel.

Her first Instagram post in 2011 is still getting likes and comments seven years later.

So what exactly can we see on her feed? We take a look at her Insta account @bernardokath and give you a guided glimpse into her account to get to know her better.

Projects And Endorsements

Fresh from the success of The Hows Of Us, she starred in Three Words To Forever alongside Sharon Cuneta and Richard Gomez. From the time the KathNiel love team was formed, this is the first time Kath didn't share film credits with Daniel.

Here she is having fun with co-stars Richard Gomez and Joross Gamboa on the set of Three Words To Forever.

She also invited her Indonesian fans to watch the The Hows Of Us.

Here's Kath showing us how to apply lipstick with a lippie from her own makeup line in collaboration with a local beauty brand.

She shares her secret to her fresh, glowing skin.

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The reason why she has great travel pictures.

She also gives feminine hygiene tips.

Here she is holding a vitamin juice drink like a boss.

…and having fun drinking it.

She switches up her drink on a rainy day.

Even this picture with her brand of stationery makes us want to buy a new notebook!

On top of all these, Kath had opened the fourth branch of her nail salon, Kathnails by KCMB, this year.

Kathryn And Daniel

Being one of the most popoular loveteams, Kath and Daniel have a lot of projects together. Kath's feed features a lot of couple pictures that are a mix of work and personal posts.

Here they are showing off a local clothing brand's holiday collection.

Singing together, "Nasa iyo na ang lahat."

Taking adorable selfies.

When not endorsing products, they're each other's ball dates!

Here they are at the 2017 Star Magic Ball.

...and at the first ABS-CBN Ball this year.

This post with Daniel as Kath's "stylist" at the ABS-CBN Ball earned over a million views on Instagram.

One of the most kilig posts Kath uploaded is this picture from Daniel's birthday bash with the caption, "Love always was and always will be incessant care, being there without being asked to, making fun of yet smiling at the other's quirks, and feeling an ineffable comfort and sense of security that almost feels like home."

Other times, they're just silly together.

Kath's Travels

With her crazy schedule, she makes the most of her downtime to have some fun.

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Here she is with Daniel on a quick detour to Banff, Alberta when they went to Canada with other Kapamilya stars for Star Magic's One Magical Night concert.


In California with Daniel during Holy Week.

From their Barcelona: A Love Untold shoot.

Kath walking around Mt. Pinatubo when she was shooting Crazy Beautiful You.

A sweet post from her trip to Paris way back when, which she captioned, "Don't let your dreams just be dreams."

And many, many more travels!

Family And Friends

In spite of her success, Kath continues to be grounded and appreciative of the support and love of her family and friends. We know how grateful she is for her Mommy Luzviminda "Min" Bernardo with these appreciation posts.

Kath with her supportive siblings ate Kaye, ate Chrysler, and kuya Kevin.

Her "favorite niece" Lhexine.

Here's Kath with her fitness squad.

With her glam team.

With her stylists Boob Yap-Tanedo and Kimi Yap-Sy. Fun fact: Kath was a bridesmaid to both in their weddings!

Kath also shares pictures of her BFFs who have always been there for her.

Here's Kath spending the Christmas holidays with her whole family in 2017 and 2018.


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