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Kath And DJ Are Just Like Normal Couples: They Talk About ~Poop~

This is the level of comfy we aspire to be with someone!

You know how old married couples can easily talk about absolutely anything? It seems like this is the level of comfy Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo are with each other! During a livestream interview in Thailand, unaware that their microphones were still on and that the camera was rolling, DJ whispered to Kath that he had to go and do number 2. (OMG!) The clip was uploaded by a fan account dedicated to the love team. 

We can hear Kathryn telling him, "after this," as he went on to describe the uncomfortable ~poopy~ feeling, until someone called their attention to the fact that they were still on air.  

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Another clip shows Daniel being a good sport despite the embarrassing situation. "Akala ko ci-nut eh!" We can also hear Kathryn laughing in the background! 

Although Kath and DJ still haven't admitted to being in a relationship, they were recently spotted sharing a sweet moment during a shoot in Amsterdam. The two are currently promoting their new film, The Hows Of Us, which will be released in theaters on August 29.  

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