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KC Concepcion Gives Advice To Pinoys In LDRs: 'Kapit lang, kaya natin 'yan'

We feel you, girl!
PHOTO: Instagram/itskcconcepcion

Ever since KC Concepcion reconnected with her French beau Pierre Plassart in 2018, the actress-slash-jewerly-designer has been open about her LDR setup with Pierre. 

In a recent Instagram post of her and Pierre in what looks like his last visit in the country, KC gave a shout out to all Pinoys in the same situation as she's in and gave some sound advice as well. "Life has placed us in a long distance relationship and slow internet connection," she wrote. "I commend all Filipinos especially in this situationfrom couples, to families, I understand your frustration. Nag-rhyme na ako. Papunta na sa kanta. Kapit lang, kaya natin 'yan." 

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The last time the couple were together was for the Christmas and New Year's holidays, with Pierre spending the festivities with KC and her family in Manila.

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We wonder where in the world they'll reunite next. Wising you the best, KC and Pierre!