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You Have To Read KC Concepcion And Sharon Cuneta's Heartwarming Birthday Messages For Frankie Pangilinan

Happy birthday, Frankie!

Frankie Pangilinan turned 21 on December 16, and to celebrate, her big sister KC Concepcion took to Instagram to pen a heartwarming greeting for the singer-songwriter.

KC posted a close-up black and white photo of herself with Frankie as they shared a tender moment. She wrote in the caption, "Happy birthday, Frankie! You're 21 today and it feels like yesterday when I first met you fresh out of mom's tummy in the delivery room."

KC, who is currently based in California, added, "I pray that the years bring us closer together and that many great memories between us can be made! Enjoy your birthday in flight! I'll miss you for the holidays this year but know that though none of us is ever perfect, I am your older sister forever who can guide you with the lessons I've learned in life that may be useful to you—and I'm just a call away!"


Praising her sister, KC continued, "Praying that all your dreams come true—you are talented and your singing voice is to die for plus your songwriting is amazing!!!"

Meanwhile, Frankie's mom, Sharon Cuneta, took to Instagram to greet her eldest daughter with Francis "Kiko" Pangilinan by posting a cute throwback advertisement featuring the Megastar and a young Frankie in a fast-food chain ad. 

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Sharon wrote, "You still wipe food off of the sides of my mouth. You are still so happy when you see me happy. You are still my buddy and my baby girl. You still kiss me on the lips when you hug me tight and tell me you love me and that I’m the best mommy in the world."


In a separate post, Sharon wrote, "At 21, Baba, I had already married, had Ate Tina, and come out of my first marriage. I was a working single mom whose whole world revolved around your sister, working hard more often than I would've wanted to, to give Ate the best in life. She was my world, and I was hers. Now you are the age I was then, and I cannot believe how very swiftly time flew."


The veteran actress added, "In my eyes, you will always be my baby who was born a 'manang'—already too mature for her age, even with those innocent, big, black, saucer-like eyes. But truth is, though I miss your little self, I wouldn't trade the woman you have become for anything. You are so precious to me, and that I am precious to you means the world to me."

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