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Kean Cipriano 'Disengages' From His Band, Callalily, After 17 Years: 'Callalily is done'

'I’m moving on, I’ve moved on, moving forward and I wish them all the best.'
Kean Cipriano disengages from Calla Lily after 17 years
PHOTO: Instagram/kean

Kean Cipriano has finally parted ways with his former Callalily bandmates after almost two decades.

Speaking to PUSH, Kean confirmed the news.

"Yeah, Callalilly is done," he said. "Callalily is done. I’m moving on, I’ve moved on, moving forward, and I wish them all the best."

Kean went on to share how he's looking forward to a new phase in their lives. Calla Lily is reportedly looking for a new vocalist.

"I mean, we’re okay na parang... I think in a group, magkakasama kayo for 17 years, marami na rin nangyari and I don’t think medyo matagal na rin kaming hindi okay so, alam mo 'yon, parang ibang chapter naman for us."

In an interview with GMA News Online, Kean's wife, Chynna Ortaleza, clarified that Kean did not "leave" Callalily; rather, he "left the format of the band" and "disengaged" himself from it. Chynna is vice president of O/C Records, which was founded by Kean in 2018. Kean is also the label's Co-Chairman and CEO.

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On June 19, Callalily changed its name on its Facebook page to "Lily Music". According to Chynna, Callalily had always been under Kean's intellectual property and that he had even wanted to license the name to his former bandmates, however, they might not have understood his intentions.

"It was more of a decision of progressive growth for each member than a solo decision na 'I want out,'" Chynna explained. "Hindi siya (Kean) gano'n,"

"It’s just very unfortunate that his bandmates didn’t want to talk to us anymore despite the continued efforts of trying to get in touch with them because we want to fix things."


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