How Kelsey Merritt Prepared For Her Victoria's Secret Casting

This girl worked it.
PHOTO: Instagram/kelseymerritt

There's no doubt that Kelsey Merritt deserves her Victoria's Secret Fashion Show slot. The preps she had to do weren't easy, and we have the Instagram posts to prove it.

Kelsey was working out a gym in New York City called Dogpound. She was trained by the gym's owner, Kirk Myers.

In May 2018, Kelsey was in a funny battle with one of the gym's equipment as she was doing cable core rotations.

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In June, Kelsey trained al fresco with fellow Filipina, Emily Oberg, who is the owner of the sports and lifestyle brand Sporty & Rich.

We wanted to have our own medicine ball after this.

This balancing act is definitely working her abs—and it looks grueling, too.

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Here's Kelsey working on her balance and strength.

A Victoria's Secret model needs a strong core and great balance—and Kelsey definitely has both. Kelsey posted this video one day before the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show callbacks. This one is ready for those sky-high heels!

Here's a variation of the workout routine, posted by Kirk.

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What can you say, CGs? Are you up for a Victoria's Secret model's workout routine?

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