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8 K-Pop Idols Who Have Expressed Their Love For Ben&Ben Songs


Homegrown band Ben&Ben is a crowd-favorite during local concerts because of their amazing musical skills and heartfelt hugot songs, but it seems the band's talent is truly meant to be adored internationally. Case in point: a handful of K-pop idols have recently listened to Ben&Ben songs, and several went on to express their love and support for the band. The nine-piece group even trended on Melon, South Korea's largest music streaming service, which means that South Korean fans were looking their songs up on the platform. So cool! Now, is it too soon to ask for a collab between the local band and these K-pop stars? 

1. TWICE's Momo

Momo of TWICE recently held a livestream on the video streaming platform VLIVE and played the band's song "Leaves" after a fan recommended the song to them!



2. Day6's Young K

Young K, a member of the popular K-band Day6, also expressed his admiration for the band and their song "Leaves". "It was amazing, wow," he says on a livestream, pertaining to the group's song. As a thank you, Ben&Ben said they'd also give Day6's music a listen. We love the support!

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3. Red Velvet's Wendy

The main vocalist of K-pop girl group Red Velvet once said that the band's voice was "beautiful" and even thanked the fan who recommended their song to her! 

4. NCT's Mark

Mark Lee from NCT also recently held his own voice-only livestream on VLIVE and played "Leaves" by Ben&Ben after a lot of fans recommended the band to him and even gave them a compliment.


5. NCT's Renjun

Mark isn't the only NCT member who chanced upon Ben&Ben and their songs. Renjun from NCT Dream had a fan recommend Ben&Ben's "Godsent" on a radio show where he was a DJ.


6. NCT's Chenle

Fellow NCT Dream member Chenle had to sub for Renjun on his radio show, and during his stint, another fan also asked Chenle to play "Leaves" and even got to reminisce about their short visit in Manila. 

7. Astro's Cha Eun Woo

Cha Eun Woo held a fan meet in Manila in 2019 where he sang a couple of songs for the fans who came to see him, including "Kathang Isip" by Ben&Ben.

8. M.O.N.T.'s Narachan

The leader of K-pop group M.O.N.T. also played a snippet of Ben&Ben's "Lifetime" in a livestream and ended up really liking it!


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