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Why All Your Favorite K-Drama Stars Are Doing This Pose On Instagram

There's actually a special meaning behind it.
PHOTO: (1) Instagram/kyo1122, (2) Instagram/siwonchoi, (3) Instagram/jichangwook

If you're obsessed with Itaewon Class, Hi Bye, Mama!, The King: Eternal Monarch, and other popular K-dramas, then chances are you've been following the cast on Instagram, too! And if you're a true-blue fan, then perhaps you've noticed that most of their recent posts also feature an identical pose. FYI, it's not a random pose at all—it is, in fact, a sign language that means "I respect you." It features one hand doing a thumbs up on the palm of the other hand, and it's actually meant to serve as a tribute to brave medical frontliners who have been battling against the COVID-19 pandemic.

In case you're wondering, the now-viral pose is known in Korea as the #ThanksToChallenge, and famous K-celebs have been joining in—including Song Hye KyoJi Chang Wook, Bae Suzy, Kim Go Eun, and more! In response, medical frontliners are encouraged to post a photo of themselves doing a thumbs-up pose, which is a sign language for "I felt proud."

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Below, see who among your fave K-drama stars are cheering on these modern-day heroes:

Song Hye Kyo

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Ji Chang Wook

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Choi Woo Shik

Kim Go Eun

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Go Bo Gyeol

Lee Joo Young

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Bae Suzy

Jung Hae In

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Ahn Hyo Seop

Sandara Park

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Jung Kyung Ho

Cha Eun Woo

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Lee Seung Gi

Ha Ji Won

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Han Ji Min

Choi Siwon

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Park So Dam

Kim Hye Yoon

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Shin Hye Sun

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