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Kryz Uy Shares How Slater Young Has Changed Her Life: 'He really grounds me'

She talks about their first six months as a married couple on her blog.
PHOTO: Instagram/kryzzzie

Kryz Uy and Slater Young will soon be celebrating six months together as husband and wife, and Kryz couldn't help but feel grateful for what they've been through so far together. In a heartfelt post on her blog, Kryz talked about the many ways Slater has changed her life.

Kryz talked about what they've accomplished so far—moving into their house, Skypod, taking care of their finances, learning to cook, doing the laundry, Slater learning to do plumbing, the two of them navigating family dynamics, all while having individual professional lives. "I won’t lieit took a lot of adjusting," she said.

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While she and Slater may have a lot of things in common, married life made her see their differences too, especially in the smallest of things. "We aren’t always 100 percent in sync," she shared.

But despite their differences, they've learned to accept these and embrace the changes, as they help each other grow. "I like it that we can laugh at each other’s mishaps instead of getting angry," Kryz said. "I like it that we are discovering life together and what it means to be one." The best part? Kryz said there hasn't been any major drama so far. 

"With all my heart, I can honestly say that I’m so lucky to have found Slater because he really grounds me," Kryz shared. "He is HONESTLY my other half and I’ve grown so much as an individual because of him. His heart is so genuine, his mind is so beautiful and I can only hope to share some of the life-changing values he has brought to our home, in hopes that it can change your lives too." 

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Kryz went on to list down the biggest lessons she's learned so far from Slater, now that she's a wife.

1. "We really cause our own suffering."

Because Slater knows how to lighten the mood when Kryz gets emotional, she's learned to let go of stressful thoughts and to just enjoy the moment. 

"Most of the time, the drama happens in our heads," Kryz wrote. "If we let go of that, and we appreciate each present moment, then life is so much more meaningful and so much lighter as well."

2. "Don't take life too seriously."

If you've been following Kryz and Slater for a while now, you know just how much of a fun-loving guy Slater is. Kryz shares that she's learned to be more laidback because of him. "We’re all in it for the ride, and we’re all in it together. Might as well make it a fun ride, right?"

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3. "Comparison is the thief of joy." 

Lastly, Kryz talked about how Slater has taught her to be comfortable in her own skin, to stop comparing herself to others, and to just "live and enjoy life." "Slater and I are so content to live in our tiny little bubble doing our own little thing, and this is the most beautiful gift we have right now."

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