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Kyla Opens Up About Suffering Her Fourth Miscarriage: 'I can't even put my feelings into words'

Sending hugs your way, Kyla!
kyla opens up about fourth miscarriage

Singer-songwriter Kyla wrote a heartbreaking Instagram post where she revealed she has suffered a miscarriage for the fourth time.

Posted on June 3, Kyla began her message by writing, "You have brought me so much joy, even for a few months that I carried you within me… It was all pure joy."

"But losing you… Again… For the fourth time is unimaginable. I can't even put my feelings into words," she continued.

Kyla said that she finds it hard to share her loss as she didn't tell anyone about the pregnancy. She wrote, "We wanted to share our excitement with our family but later on ended up sharing our grief. I am screaming and crying in my head and I couldn't tell anyone." 

Reassuring herself, Kyla added, "I know things will be OK in the end."

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"I thank God for his presence in my life," Kyla wrote. "I thank God for touching my heart at this moment. Every day, I have to intentionally look for just about anything that'll make me happy." 

The singer added that she has to remind herself that God has already placed people in her life to love and that He has blessed her with the "best ones to love and love me back." "Everything else is just a bonus," she wrote.

Kyla also wrote, "Lord, have it your way. I surrender all my hurt to you."

Addressing her baby, Kyla ended her post by writing, "And to you, my little one… I pray for you. I hope you've felt how much we longed for you, prayed for you, and how much we love you."

Kyla, who is married to former PBA player Rich Alvarez, welcomed their first child named Toby in 2013. In 2018, Kyla suffered two miscarriages just months apart. Announcing her third miscarriage in 2021, Kyla wrote, "My heart is broken in levels deeper than you may have ever imagined."

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