Kylie Jenner's Easter Party Was So ~*Extra*~

The treats alone were OTT!
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/kyliejenner, (RIGHT) Snapchat/Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner is just one of the many stars celebrating Easter—but this girl is doing it UP! Which makes sense since Kris Jenner is her mom, after all, and that lady knows how to throw down in the decorations department.

Hop right up and see all the pastel-tinged, delicious treat-filled photos from Kylie's epic Easter party!

But first, let's stare at this *adorable* throwback photo of Kylie as a bunny:

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And now—Kylie as a 2018 bunny:

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Kylie and her krew:

The kids' table is specially lit:

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There was a slide!

Look at all the tasty treats the Easter Bunny (Kris Jenner, I'm guessing) brought!

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And of course, Mama Kris was out there, chillin' to the max.

And check out this adorable throwback photo!

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In another throwback pic, Kylie is in front of a what appears to be a pen full of bunnies! (FYI, don't buy bunnies just for Easter. That's wack!)

HOPPY EASTER, KYLIE AND KREW! Please save me a few of those pastel rice crispy treat pops because they look SO GOOD.

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