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Kylie Verzosa Speaks Up About Jake Cuenca's Fake Proposal

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PHOTO: INSTAGRAM/juancarloscuenca

Jake Cuenca came under fire lately after he posted a short video of him and girlfriend Kylie Verzosa on Instagram. In the short clip, the couple can be seen in a romantic location, about to enjoy a dinner date. Jake was filming Kylie when he asked her what seemed to be a loaded question.

"So they prepared this because…Just wanted to ask you one thing. So here it goes…Kumain ka na ba?"

Kylie's excited expression turned into that of mirth after the sudden twist. And while some fans found the video cute and funny, several ones stepped up and told off Jake about the prank.


"For most ladies, that was a bad joke. Don’t do that again, please!” One fan commented under the post. Another added, "Kawawa naman GF mo! Don’t ever do that! Kapikon!"

Jake, however, defended his actions, saying that they are unlike other couples. "Yes, but we are not like most. We get each other and we get the timing of things. When the time is right, and the timing is [right], I will not hesitate to ask."

Kylie also stepped up to clear the air. According to her, she already knew about the joke before it was even filmed.

"Hello, guys! I knew that Jake was going to ask me this question before filming. No feelings or humans were hurt while filming this video hehe. Peace and love. Jake has been the best boyfriend to me."

What do you think about the video?

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