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Lauren Young On Bouncing Back From Weight Gain, Debt, And Family Issues: 'I've Never Been Happier'

'I don't have much materially, but I have so much in my heart.'
PHOTO: Instagram/lo_young

The past year hasn't been easy for Lauren Young, who opened up about several issues in the latest video on her YouTube channel. In the upload, Lauren talks about how she's bouncing back from her weight gain, debt, self-love, and family issues.

Lauren looks back on the past year, during which she initially felt she had everything. She had a condo, she had just bought a car, and recalls being super body-positive.

After deciding to move in with her sister, Megan Young, Lauren started to assess her professional self and made changes to improve her work environment. "I was being such a brat, such a diva on set," she remembers. "I realized I was the negative person on the set." 

Earning from her acting career and having bought a condo unit and a car, she compared herself to her peers and realized she had made all the purchases out of jealousy. She was also in serious debt.


"I was in debt. Dahil I had all these things, nangungutang ako sa mga kaibigan ko, sa family ko, and I was like, 'Why am I working? I'm working so I can pay for things and live a certain lifestyle that I can't even afford.'"

Lauren had her condo unit rented out and sold her car, with the advice of Megan and Mikael Daez. After letting go of her car, she shares how she got into an obsession of selling things that she doesn't need because she felt these things were "bringing her pain," "dragging her down," and "symbolizing greed." She's now paid off her debt and is using the rental income of her condo to pay off the loans.

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Lauren also talks about her weight gain, which she admits was the result of being miserable. She would binge-eat and binge-drink so she could black out. She's now avoiding drinking, she exercises more, and eats healthier.

Upon moving with Megan, Lauren also realized there was a strain with her relationship with her family and has rekindled the bond. 

From what she's gone through, Lauren has this to share to people who may be going through something similar: "No excuses. Because even if you know you can always land on someone to help you, you can only help yourself. I don't have much materially, but I have so much in my heart, and I've never been happier."

Watch Lauren's video here: