8 Lessons Boyfriends Need To Learn From The Blogger Jowas

Here’s how to become a better Instagram boyfie!
PHOTO: Instagram/bloggerjowas

"Behind every Blogger is a supportive Jowa making sure that the photo is perfect."

This seems to be the Blogger Jowas' motto. The @BloggerJowas Instagram account (which has more than 90,000 followers the last time we checked) shows us what it's like to take the perfect IG-worthy photo, based on their personal experiences. 

The account is run by Slater YoungJoni KoroKako CojuangcoMarc SchulzeMiggy Cruz, and Santi Cua They're the hilarious and meme-loving boyfriends of fashion and lifestyle bloggers Kryz UyCamille Co, Patricia PrietoNicole Anderson, Laureen Uy, and Lissa Kahayon

Want to take girlfriend-approved photos like a true Instagram boyfie (or bestie)? The Blogger Jowas have some tips: 

Jowadvice #1: Pag di mo naintindihan, damihan mo na lang.

Jowadvice #2: Minsan sa relationship, hindi lang hand niya kailangan mong i-hold. Kaya kapit lang besh kahit props pa yan!

Jowadvice #3: Di mo kailangan ng Euro trip para maganda ang photo ni girlaloo. Minsan Yero trip pwede na!

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Jowadvice #4: Know your jowa's angle in advance. Pero lagi mo sabihing maganda siya [sa] lahat ng anggulo

Jowadvice #5: Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize.

Jowadvice #6: Background is everything...and anything.

Jowadvice #7: When flatlay is life, best to have a cute-looking surface to shoot on. Optional to have a cute jowa to take the photo. 

Jowadvice #8: Like tsinelas, foreground is layf!

BONUS: Behind a blogger jowa is another blogger jowa.

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