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Liza Soberano And Enrique Gil Reveal Details About Their First Real Kiss

It's so cute how it was ~unplanned~!
PHOTO: Instagram/lizasoberano

When Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil first revealed that they were together FOR REAL, we were all ecstatic, we didn't know what to do! Lots of questions followed after the news: Since when have they been together? Is Enrique a ~conservative~ boyfriend

And afterSPOILER ALERTtheir kissing scenes in Alone/Together, the biggest question of all was: What about their first real kiss? 

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On March 5, during their interview for Tonight With Boy Abunda, Liza and Enrique talked about their kissing scene during the UP Lantern Parade for Alone/Together.  According to Liza, "He [Enrique] was so nervous. When we were taking the scene, he was whispering without moving his lips: 'Ki-kiss na kita, ki-kiss na kita.' And I was like, 'Go lang, go lang!' I wasn't nervous at all, for some reason." 

Liza added, "But I was nervous before the premiere night because I didn't tell my dad [about it]! I was really nervous about his reaction towards the kissing scene." 

Tito Boy then shifted to what we all really want to know about: their first kiss. "Now, I'm just wondering when the first kiss in real life happened. How did it happen? What's the story?" 

Enrique, perfect gentleman that he is, asked his girlfriend, "Are you okay with it?" before telling Tito Boy (and the world) about their private moment! "Go," Liza answered. 

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"Biglaan lang talaga," Quen admitted.  

"Hindi ka nagpaalam?" Tito Boy wanted to know. 

Enrique paused. "Kanino? [laughs] Joke langKay Liza? Parang, I think I did. Yes, I did." He kept turning to Liza for confirmation if he was telling the story correctly, but Liza just let him do his thing because she said she couldn't remember what happened! 

"I don't even know why it popped [in] my head." Enrique continued. "It wasn't even romantic or anything, the venue wasn't romantic, but for me it was." 

Awwww, we love spontaneous moments like these! You can watch their interview here: 

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