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Liza Soberano Reveals She And Enrique Gil Have Been In A Relationship Since 2014

They've celebrated five Valentine's Days together!
PHOTO: Instagram/lizasoberano

ICYMI, Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil ~*finally*~ admitted to being in a relationship during a recent guesting on Gandang Gabi Vice. The love team partners didn't give a specific date on when they became official, but disclosed that their anniversary falls in October, and that they've been together for over two years

While their fans assumed they meant that they've been together since 2016, it actually wasn't the case. Last night, February 14, Liza had a sit down interview on Tonight With Boy Abunda and talked about her previous Valentine's Day celebrations with Quen. She listed down the sweet gifts he's given her over the years: chocolates, flowers, and even a cute pup she named Mickey!

It was when Boy Abunda went back to V-Day 2015 that the *big reveal* happened. This is how their conversation went:

Boy: "2015. Forevermore. He brought you chocolates and flowers."

Liza: "Yes!"

Boy: "Remember? How was that? How was life? You weren't together yetthis was [in] 2015."

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Liza: "We were! Well, of course, I was 16. So it was pretty young to have a boyfriend."

Boy went on to pursue the topic and asked Liza to confirm when exactly they became boyfriend and girlfriend. Liza sheepishly replied, "2014."

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LizQuen fans would know that 2014 was a huge year for them because they starred in their first teleserye, Forevermore! Coincidentally, the show aired on the same month the two became ~offish~! This means that Liza and Enrique are celebrating their fifth anniversary on October 2019. So cute!

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LizQuen are currently starring in the Antoinette Jadaone-directed film Alone/Together which earned over P21 million on its opening day.

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