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Lloyd Cafe Cadena Makes Us Laugh With His Heartaches And Hugots

'I used my videos as my release sa lahat ng problems.'

How'd you come up with the idea of doing LC Learns on YouTube?

LC Learns is all about my experiences, and I turn them into video blogs. I always wanted to be an inspiration to others, especially to those who are down because of love. I myself am a hopeless romantic, and I've been single since birth kaya push lang nang push sa pagchika at paghugot.

 What are some of the most valuable things you've learned by making the LC Learns series?

LC Learns opens a lot of opportunities. I became a radio jock at some time, published two books, been featured a lot on TV, radio, web and print media. It's helped me finance my studies when I was in college. Now I already finance everything sa bahay, and the fact that my videos have been part of someone's daily life, nakakatuwa. Napatotohanan ko rin na totoo nga ang kasabihang 'You can't please everyone.' Kahit na anong gawin mo, may isang taong sisigaw ng "Pangit!"

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Your most viewed videos are about relationships, and you have a lot of those clips. Are your relationships affected by your videos? If so, how? And are they a good basis for your videos?

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My videos are actually my personal hugot sa aking love life. Back in the day na kailangan kong mag-move on, I listed down things na kailangan gawin to be able for me to forget that someone. Nung na-realize ko na nakatulong 'yung list, I made it a video. And ganun din sa iba kong videos. I used my videos as my release sa lahat ng problems. I don't consider myself bitter. Sadyang naging mailap at mapait lang ang love life sa akin, which is fine.

But would you say you're also hopeful about finding love one day? Or are you the type to choose between a successful career and love, instead of having both?

I've experience love din naman, wala nga lang title. Dating stage, hanggang dating stage na lang forever. Pero I'm still happy kasi from there nakakahugot ako. You know what they say, "Everything happens for a reason." I believe there's a reason behind all of this tragic love. Nakatadhana sigurong masaktan ako para makasulat at makahugot.

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If ever dumating na si The One, siguro male-lessen na 'yung mga post. Iisipin ko, "This is my moment, let me have this moment. Ie-enjoy ko muna magka-love life. Wala pa naman ako sa desperate stage so I think I'm still okay and normal.

You also have a lot of videos about student life that do really well on YouTube. How would you describe your student life? What kind of student were you?

I graduated last 2014. I consider myself as a normal student. Hindi matalino, hindi rin naman shonga. Sakto lang! Even though financial management, my major, is not my first love, I enjoyed my college days because of my friends na mga kalog din! I also used some of my experience in school to come up with my videos on YouTube, especially 'yung tungkol sa kopyahan, about teachers and classmate problems.

From the kind of student you were, would you live your college life differently? Do you sometimes wish you were another kind of student?

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If I were given a chance to turn back time, I would love to have the same set of teachers and classmates, just a different specialization. Sana in communication or marketing. Sorry, finance.

What made you take finance management back in college?

My mom wanted me to become an accountant that's why I took an accounting degree. One year later, I didn't make it to the quota. And because I've taken a lot of business courses already, hindi na ako nag-communication. I shifted to financial management para di masayang 'yung pinaghirapan kong courses.

Do you get lots of haters online? How do you deal with them?

Thank God, wala masyado. Usually when I receive hate or negative comments, I ignore them or delete the comment. Pero back in the day talagang sinasagot ko 'yan kasi affected talaga ako. Thank God again na I came to a point where it doesn't affect me that much kasi parang I've heard that already before and walang bago sa lait niya. I've already accepted my flaws kaya those hate words are nothing to me. At the end of the day, I know myself better than they do.  

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You've received awards for your videos and social media presence. Not to mention you have a lot of followers. Would you say you've made it big already?

I'm thankful for and humbled by all the blessings. Nakaka-touch 'yung mga taong walang sawang sumusuporta sa akin simula nung umpisa pa lang. But I've always wanted to be a singer. That's why right now I'm attending a workshop to help me understand and study my singing voice more. So ayun, gusto ko talaga maging singer. Hollywood-famous singer to be exact. I want some Grammys, baby! #DreamBig

What keeps you making these entertaining videos?

My fans. It's been almost 5 years na gumagawa ako ng video. There are times na nawawalan ako ng gana but my fans keeps me motivated. Para silang battery na nagbibigay sa akin ng energy to do more. And I'm thankful na hindi sila nagsasawa.

Myself, too. Making YouTube videos has been part of my daily activity. Sometimes nanghihina ako kapag hindi ako nakakagawa. So parang nasa cycle na siya ng ganap ko sa buhay. And I'm thankful kay Lord na hindi niya ko pinabayaan. And also my family.

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What's the kindest thing a fan has ever said to you?

"Salamat, kasi natulungan mo akong maka-move on." "Salamat kasi napapasaya mo ako whenever I'm done [with life]." Those words always touch my heart. The fact that someone told you face to face that you've touched his/her life is an amazing moment. Seeing people's faces na nakangiti whenever I'm having my talk in schools or book signing events makes my heart smile. It's a heavenly feeling. I consider my fans my love life.

Tell me about the red and white towel on your head. Why do you have that on your profile pictures?

That's my mom's towel way back in the '90s. One time, nagshoo-shoot ako ng video and ginawa ko siyang pamunas ng pawis. And then there's a scene where I needed to act like a girl, so I used it as my hair. It has been my trademark since. Patok na patok sa viewers 'yung red and white towel hair. I rarely use it now kasi medyo worn out na ang look niya and I want to preserve it.

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