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All The Celebrity Baby 'Firsts' We're Loving Right Now

From first haircuts to first dentist appointments!

Remember when moms used to keep baby books for all their kids "firsts"? Well, times have changed, and now everything is online. And it's a good thing for us, because we get to gush at celebrity babies and witness all their special moments! Here, a list of local babies who recently had some major "firsts": 

1. Pancho Magalona Bacarro's First Trip To The Dentist

Even babies need to have their teeth checked, no matter how adorably few there are! Through an IG post, Saab Magalona showed us Baby Pancho's first dentist appointment and it's honestly enough to make every day better! LOOK AT THOSE CHEEKS!  

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2. Alas Abrenica's First Haircut 

Newlyweds Kylie Padilla and Aljur Abrenica took baby Alas to the barber's this January. Sooo cute!  Alas sat on his dad's lap as the barber shaved his curls while Kylie hovered, collecting his hair.  

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For her IG post's caption, Kylie said: "He was just his same curious self. Kami yung naiyak hindi siya e."

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3. Scarlet Snow Belo Getting Her First Pets

Just last month, Scarlet introduced us to her two new friends, mini schnauzers named Skye and Chase that her mom Vicki Belo got for her! 

Also, she *almost* got this snake for Christmas, but Kuya Kim Atienza gave her a tortoise instead. 

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4. Zia Dantes' First Time To Get Bangs 

Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes brought Zia to get her first haircut in December, and the three-year-old seemed to have the time of her life getting a style that looked just like her mom's! Later, she demanded, "I need short hair."

5. Talitha Maria Sotto's First Trip To The Beach

Before her first birthday, Talitha's parents Paulene Luna and Vic Sotto took her to Amanpulo, Palawan. It looks like she had the best time soaking up some rays and making splashes for the first time! 

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