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We're so excited for this pairing!
Gerald Anderson and Kylie Padilla look like they're having a good time overseas on the set of their upcoming movie Unravel.The two, who are teaming up for the first time, were spotted shooting scenes in the picturesque city of Basel
She unintentionally broke the news in an interview.
If you think your friends are bad at keeping things under wraps, just imagine how much more of a struggle it is for celebrities, who are constantly bombarded with questions during interviews! Case in point: Kylie Padilla, who seemingly confirmed Max Collins'
'We lived a life together. I never want to see him as sad as he was when we were married.'
Kylie Padilla revealed that she's now friends with her ex-husband Aljur Abrenica. The two Kapuso celebrities made headlines last year when she confirmed her split from the actor.In an interview with Nelson Canlas on his Spotify podcast Updated With
Kylie commented how she looks so much like Axl!
Here's more proof that Kylie Padilla was ~destined~ to become an actress! In an Instagram post on May 15, Kylie took a trip down memory lane as she shared a rare video clip of herself in her first appearance on
Here's proof that dogs are indeed one of the best forms of therapy.
Cute, dependable, and oh-so-adorable, dogs are indeed man's best friend-especially at times of crisis. In fact, a study revealed that dogs have adapted to us humans and they have learned how to read human emotions.On April
It was a work trip, you guys.
Aljur Abrenica has cleared the air about the viral photo that circulated on Valentine's Day with AJ Raval.On February 14, a photo of Aljur and AJ made the rounds online when they were spotted at a resort in Tanauan,
2022 is a year of new beginnings for Rayver.
Rayver Cruz is ready for a fresh start in 2022. The actor, who's set to star in an upcoming teleserye Bolera alongside Kylie Padilla, recently talked about his breakup with Janine Gutierrez in an interview with Nelson Canlas.Aired on
They are celebrating Valentine's Day together for the *first* time!
Aljur Abrenica and AJ Raval are spending some quality time with each other this Valentine's Day!Aljur and AJ were spotted at a resort in Tanauan, Leyte. The resort's official Facebook page posted several photos of the rumored
'I’m a proud mommy. Haberday, me.'
Kylie Padilla marked her 29th birthday in a unique way: by writing a poem dedicated to herself.The actress took to IG to share the poem, which listed her various notes to herself as she turned a year older."29 and I
Happy birthday, Axl Romeo!
Kylie Padilla recently celebrated a milestone for her second son, Axl Romeo as he celebrated his second birthday on December 9. Kylie shared some photos from Axl's low-key party as the two-year-old gamely posed for photos with
'For 10 years, I was hungry.'
For the longest time, the quest for beauty has been all about chasing unrealistic standards. For instance, moms have been subjected to an unspoken rule to bounce back and achieve their pre-pregnancy bodies after giving birth. But things are looking up
'Mas maganda yung nangyari ngayon kasi hindi na kami toxic.'
Kylie Padilla just had a heart-to-heart talk with her dad, Robin Padilla, in her latest vlog.In the video, entitled "The Conversation I Never Had With My Papa," Kylie asked Robin a series of questions and reminisced about their bonding
'Nagsabi ako ng totoo.'
AJ Raval recently got super emotional as she recalled the recent controversies she was involved in. During a media conference for her new rom-com film Crush Kong Curly, AJ and her co-star Wilbert Ross were asked if there was a
'Naaalala ko yung mga magagandang pinagsamahan namin.'
Aljur Abrenica recently opened up about how he's feeling amid the drama surrounding his separation from his wife, Kylie Padilla.In an interview with entertainment news anchor and columnist Jobert Sucaldito, Aljur shared his reaction to Kylie's interview
She definitely lives up to her famous last name!
Kylie Padilla may come from one of the most prominent showbiz families in the Philippines, but she has built a name for herself in the industry since she started out in the late 2010s. For the past few years, the 28-year-
'Ang paghihiwalay is not a joke.'
BB Gandanghari is giving her two cents on Kylie Padilla and Aljur Abrenica's breakup.BB recently went live on Instagram and netizens couldn't help but ask her about the *very public* breakup of Aljur and her niece Kylie. "
Kylie said she wanted to talk to AJ and help her out on how to handle the situation.
Kylie Padilla has spoken up about her split with Aljur Abrenica in an episode of Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho aired on October 24.In the exclusive interview with Jessica Soho, Kylie addressed issues such as Aljur's now-deleted and controversial "
The actor also said that Kylie was the love of his life.
Aljur Abrenica has spoken up about his now-deleted controversial Facebook post and admitted that he did it "out of impulse."During the press conference of the movie Manipula on October 23, Aljur revealed that it wasn't his intention to
'Maganda yung pagpapalaki sa kanya ni Jeric at saka ni Alyssa.'
Veteran showbiz columnist Cristy Fermin recently lauded AJ Raval's parents, actor Jeric Raval and Alyssa Alvarez, in an episode of Cristy Ferminute aired on October 21.Cristy's statement was made following AJ's public apology posted on
She's addressing all the accusations being hurled against her.
Kylie Padilla is setting the record straight amid all the drama surrounding her and her estranged husband, Aljur Abrenica. Lifestyle show, Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho is set to air an exclusive interview with Kylie, where she reportedly will address all accusations that