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Take A Look At The Teaser Trailer Of Jericho Rosales’ Upcoming Indie Film

Jericho plays a fisherman who turns to a different kind of side job in his new indie film.

ICYDK, Jericho Rosales is starring in an upcoming indie short film called Manhid (Make You Feel) which is directed, written, and produced by first-time director, Eileen Cabiling.

According to the film’s Facebook page, Manhid tells the story of a fisherman who “questions his livelihood as there are no fish in the sea.” He then turns to a different kind of side job so that he could support his family and take care of his sick child.

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Eileen, who shared the teaser trailer of the film via Instagram on May 9, said, “Manhid, my very first auteured film. It has evolved from this point. And I thank my mentors for impressing and insisting upon me to stay true to the course, not give in, and understand "there is a difference between producing a film that has potential and one that is mature.”

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The director added, “Can’t say it’s been easy. And I do feel like I climbed Mount Everest and I have achieved incredible hulkess. Super powers.”

We're really excited to see Jericho on the big screen again. Jericho, who’s been cast as a leading man in teleseryes for over 20 years said in April 2019, “I've been working on soap operas or TV shows for 23 years now. I don't want to do soaps anymore. Is that a problem for me? No. Do I want to stop TV? No. It's a time for me to challenge myself, to create something new for myself. Hopefully, it works."

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