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Lorin On Mom Ruffa Gutierrez’s Dating Life: 'I don't want to be the person who stands in the way of her happiness'

It’s a mommy-daughter support system.
PHOTO: Instagram/loringabriella

Lorin Bektas was recently grilled about her mom Ruffa Gutierrez’s love life during a recent interview on Magandang Buhay, and Ruffa's eldest daughter was quick to show her support for her mom.

Lorin starts off saying that her mom “has good taste” anyway. Then, she continues: “At the end of the day, it’s not my place. It’s her life, and I’m just part of it.”


Ruffa is a single mom to two teenagers, Lorin and Venice. The two definitely got their mom’s charm and charisma, and we won’t be surprised if they’ll step up to their Gutierrez stardom in due time.

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While she still seems shy and uncertain, Lorin is getting more comfy with each interview and with each appearance. She has, after all, celebrity genes. She’s beginning to own her angles, knows the cute cock of her head, and can work with her svelte frame quite expertly.

Lorin Gutierrez's Vlog About Boracay

In this vlog, we even see Lorin cool and comfy while capturing the highlights of their family trip to Boracay. We can’t wait ’til she steps into her own spotlight. We’re ready to make a fun, fearless prediction: Lorin will be part of the next batch of young celebrity social mavens. We look forward to seeing her star shine!

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