How To Take Better Photos On Instagram

Prettify your Instagram timeline by following these tips!

1. App-reciation

Don’t let Instagram turn into your one-stop shop! Take your photos using the phone’s built-in camera and use other apps to filter, crop, or animate your snaps. We suggest: VSCOCam, Over, Afterlight, and Camera+.

2. Crop Stop

Take full photos and crop later! You never know, a subject you thought would be interesting at the center of a photo, might actually look better slightly off to the side instead.

3. Rules

Do it like the pros and keep in mind the following: Perspective, lines, and the rule of thirds! The built-in gridlines on the Instagram app should help you out.

4. Less is more!

Take a look around you and shoot whatever makes you happy. Even the simplest of things could make for a great shot; the ice cream you had for dessert today, perhaps?

5. Background

Always make sure that whatever you’re shooting has an interesting backdrop as well. Sometimes even a painted wall or printed floor tile can serve as the perfect setting for your shot!

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6. Look for the light

No amount of tweaking or upping the exposure can make up for good old natural lighting. Always be on the lookout for optimal light when scouting your shot! (Having a friend use their torch app sometimes works, too.) 

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