Lovi Poe Explains Why She Doesn't Believe In Courtship

"I believe in companionship."
PHOTO: Instagram/Lovi Poe

When PEP asked actress Lovi Poe about Chris Johnson, a Filipino-French guy to whom she's been linked, she quipped, "The thing is, he's not from here, he's far away. So, minsan, yung effort niya, bumibiyahe talaga siya." ("Sometimes he really makes an effort to travel.")

PEP presumed that Lovi meant Chris had to travel to the Philippines. Thus, they asked her if she was being courted by Chris.

Lovi replied, "Courtship is like putting your best foot forward. 'Di ako naniniwala sa ganun." ("I don't believe in that.")

Instead, she pointed out: "I believe in companionship, [because] you get to know the person even more."

Lovi added that she's fine with the current LDR-like setup (or whatever they call it) with Chris. "Yes, we communicate, pero malayo siya sa akin [but he's far away from me], which is good for me."

She explained, "I don't want to get into anything right now. Gusto ko talaga, sarili ko muna, trabaho muna." ("What I want to do is to take care of myself first and work.")

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