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Lovi Poe Just Gave The Best Relationship Advice

PHOTO: Instagram/poevirginia

Not all breakups are the result of dramatic confrontations or third party allegations. Sometimes breakups happen to people who just need to grow apart from each other. No big fights or those patama posts on social media. It’s simpler, yes, but it doesn’t make it any easier.

Such is the case with Lovi Poe and her recent breakup with fellow Kapuso star Rocco Nacino. Speaking exclusively to, Lovi revealed that even if her two-year relationship with the actor was a “very good” one, they both had to part ways to grow up individually.

Tapos, after two years of love and happiness, I guess it's just time for us to grow separately, as individuals. I think we're still actually too young to carry that kind of relationship that we have.”

Lovi gives light to the fact that there is nothing wrong in choosing yourself over a relationship that is good, safe, and secure.


“Actually, we were very relaxed, we took care of each other, very supportive kami. It's just that we're too young to lead to something more than that. So, siguro we have to make ourselves grow us a person first. I have to be more woman, he has to more of a man. Marami pa kaming kailangang madiskubre sa sarili namin.”

And yes, finding yourself sometimes means giving up a person closest to your heart:

“Rocco is a really good guy, very ideal naman talaga. It's just that, ako, bilang isang tao, I feel like hindi pa ako buo as an individual. We had to work on ourselves talaga. I'm always the problem.”

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