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Lovi Poe On Beauty: "It's Humility And Confidence"

One of our fave bronzed babes and former cover girl recently landed a coveted spot on a list of 100 most beautiful local stars. Learn her beauty secrets.

Lovi Poe - YESIn a country where most Pinays aspire to have fair, white skin, it's refreshing to see a natural morena like Lovi Poe proudly flaunting her bronzed beauty. The 22-year-old actress, singer, and Cosmo cover girl bared her glowing, tanned skin in fab bikinis last March, showing you just how beautiful we can look in our natural skin tone.

Staying true to her assets landed Lovi several TV and movie projects, like in the TV drama Beauty Queen and this year's hit movie Temptation Island. Further proving that tan is beautiful, Lovi also made it to this year's list of 100 Most Beautiful Stars compiled by Cosmo's sister publication, YES! Magazine. She joins former Cosmo cover girls Heart Evangelista and Solenn Heussaff in the hot 100.

Lovi attended YES! Magazine's press conference for the special at the Crowne Plaza Hotel. She came decked out in a stunning little red dress that caught everybody's attention. We were able to corner her for an exclusive one-on-one to ask how she stays beautiful and what she considers beautiful in her life. Find out in our Q&A below.

What qualities do you think make a person beautiful?

That person has to be humble yet confident. Physically, [she should be] neat and presentable. Personality-wise, that person has to be edgy but not overboard. Kailangang alam niya ang limits niya, but then, she [also] knows how to have fun. Not too goody-two-shoes or boring (laughs).

Who do you think is the most beautiful person in your life?

My mom, because she's been through a lot in life yet she's still beautiful and sexy; kahit anong stress, [tulad ng] stress sa aming magkapatid.

What's the most beautiful thing you've experienced in your life?

My friends, for accepting me for who I am. Plus, for being there kahit ano'ng mangyari. I'm so thankful sa friends ko.

What are your three favorite beauty products?

I'm not so good at this kasi hindi ako mahilig maglagay ng kahit ano sa face ko, [pero] nag-start na akong mag-moisturizer. I started using Kiehl's, like, a week ago. And then [next would be] eyebrow pencil and makeup remover. I think once you have [those three products], you're good to go, kahit walang ibang makeup.

How do you maintain your toned and beautiful figure?

I used to do gymnastics before. [Now] siguro, before a shoot, I try not to eat that much the night before. But no diet at all. [My advice is to] just eat what you want [in moderation]. Don't starve yourself!

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