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You Have To Read Lucy Torres-Gomez's Touching Message For Her Dad

PHOTO: Mark Jesalva

Without a doubt, Lucy Torres-Gomez writes the sweetest, most adorable messages for her family. Whether it's penning a handwritten letter for her daughter Juliana Gomez's 18th birthday or reminiscing about a photograph that her husband Richard Gomez took in 1993, it seems like Lucy has gotten us hooked with her words. It has even come to the point where fans are asking her to write her own book full of memories!  


Guess what? She just wrote the most heartwarming message for her dad's birthday! Lucy posted a throwback photo of her and her dad on her wedding day and we're not even kidding when we say that tears are threatening to spill out. The caption reads:

"When I got married some 20 years ago, Daddy walked me down the aisle and while the orchestra played 'Waiting for the Day' he started sobbing beside me. I was the first (of 4 children) to get married, after all. Some days later, he brought me to the airport because I was moving to Manila for good to be with Richard. As we sat in the car, Daddy took my hand. I fought back my tears but they fell like waterfalls in a slow steady stream down my face. He gave me the white handkerchief he had in his pocket and I took it. No words were said."

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"I remember walking out of the car towards the departure area. By that time I was sobbing, the white hanky clutched tightly in my hand. I still have that somewhere in a drawer, I've kept it, a gentle reminder of that tender moment between Daddy and I."

"Today, Daddy celebrates his birthday. He is almost 80, but does not look it. He enjoys good health and plays golf regularly, his hair is still thick and mostly black (he has never dyed it!), and he will always be my first superman—strong, dependable, thoughtful, consistent, loving, sweet. My first real watch and Swiss knife were from him (both work perfectly well still!) and to this day he sweetly buys me my favorite fruits, pens, and chocolates, and leaves them on my desk from time to time along with newspaper clippings he wants to share with me. (Sometimes, the fruits and pens have little flashlights, pepper spray and taser gun thrown in with them!)" 


"Happy birthday, Dad! We are grateful for you and we love you to the moon and back. May God bless you with many, many more happy and healthy birthdays to come!"

I'm crying! BRB, I need a hankie from my dad, too.

Also, here are more snapshots from Lucy and Richard's wedding in 1998: 


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