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Lucy Torres And Richard Gomez Each Pen Heartwarming Birthday Messages For Juliana Gomez

Lucy and Richard sent messages of love to their unica hija.

Juliana Gomez just turned 19 today! On Instagram, Juliana posted a throwback photo of herself taken during her epic disco-themed debut in September 2018.

Fast forward to 2019, Richard Gomez posted a series of photos of Juliana and wrote the most heartwarming caption. His post began with a description of what Juliana’s name means. He wrote, “When mom and I chose your name Juliana Ma. Beatrice, it meant ‘bearer of joy.’ You have always been nothing short of fun all the time.” 

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He continued, “Whenever you’re around I can see that you bring smile and joy to people, you crack them up. And most of the time, I shake my head in disbelief on how you bring laughter and great happiness to everyone around you. The laughter you blurt is so infectious you can make people roll on the floor.”

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“You are our biggest treasure, our pride, and joy,” Richard wrote.

Richard also reminded Juliana to “always be nice to your friends, to people, and stay humble.”

Meanwhile, Lucy Torres shared a candid photo from Juliana’s debut as she stood beside her donut cake which Juliana herself had designed. Looking back on Juliana’s debut, Lucy said, “What a fun, happy night that was, very much the party version of the human that you are.” 

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“Today you turn 19. My bundle of joy, my dream come true, my happy (and funny) pill,” Lucy continued. “The world is your oyster, your dreams are before you, I pray you always journey through life with that warmth and kindness that comes so naturally to you,” she added.

Lucy also touched on the many times she bonded with Juliana. Lucy wrote, “I love you very much—thank you for always making me laugh, and dream, for teaching me new make-up tricks and introducing me to beautiful songs and music I would never discover on my own, eat sinful food.”

Ending her heartfelt birthday greeting to Juliana, Lucy said, “If God granted us the chance to have yet another child Dad and I would ask for eight more just like you!”

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