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Luis Manzano Drops Hints Of A Proposal In Jessy Mendiola's Korea Trip Vlog

Luis: 'Willing kang magpakasal sa Korea?'
PHOTO: Instagram/senorita_jessy

It's not the first time that a celeb couple has gone on vacation and has had beautiful, engagement session-like photos taken in a scenic country. 

Take Jessy Mendiola and Luis Manzano, for instance, who welcomed their third New Year together in chilly South Korea. The two took to Instagram to share romantic photos from their trip, from locking lips in the streets, Jessy showing her kilig face, to Luis carrying her in the classic Koreanovela piggyback-style. It felt every bit like a prenuptial shoot!

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And while the two haven't formally announced any plans of getting married (yet), Luis has been known to drop hints of Jessy being "the one", like in the trailer for her #SenoritaJessyIsInLove vlog series on her YouTube channel.

Which is why after the long wait, we just had to look for more hints of wedding bells in her recently uploaded Korea vlog

At one point in the video, after leaving a love lock at Namsam Tower:

Luis: "Willing kang magpakasal sa Korea?"

Jessy: "Gusto mo ba?"

Luis: "#jessgot...? Ano yung wedding hashtag?"

Jessy: "Wala ka ngang proposal e."

Luis: "Ano yung wedding hashtag?"

Jessy: "Wala pa."

Luis: "#JessGotLucky. Yun ang wedding hashtag namin."

While we're used to Luis's usual antics, we do find it seriously kilig for him to keep dropping hints like this of a possible future wedding with Jessy. Who knows? Maybe the big proposal is finally happening this year! We definitely can't wait.

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Watch the entire vlog episode here: