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Maggie Wilson Denies Cheating On Ex-Husband Victor Consunji With Business Partner Tim Connor

The former beauty queen finally addressed the rumors once and for all.
Maggie Wilson shuts down cheating rumors with Tim Connor.
PHOTO: Instagram/wilsonmaggie

In case you've been wondering if Maggie Wilson cheated on ex-husband Victor Consunji: the answer is ~no~.

The former beauty queen-turned-entrepreneur cleared out her name via an Instagram story repost from her business partner and *rumored* boyfriend Tim Connor, who already addressed the question from one of his followers.

When asked if he ever had an affair with Maggie, the British-Thai entrepreneur wrote: “We both get asked this countless times a day...

“Despite what you may have heard. To be absolutely clear, neither @wilsonmaggie or I had an affair with each other,” Tim clarifies. Shortly after, Maggie shared this on her own IG with an addition of the 100 emoji.

Maggie Wilson reposted Tim Connor's IG story.
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On a follow-up story, Tim also posted a seemingly cryptic message. “While we were with our ex-partners,” he writes.

Tim Connor answers a query from a follower if he was having an affair with Maggie Wilson.

Speculations between Maggie and Tim’s relationship reached a fever pitch when they started sharing photos of themselves together, following Maggie’s announcement of split with her husband of almost 11 years in September 2021.

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In July 2021, Maggie even posted a photo of her and ex-beau with Tim, who was with his then-partner Francesca Armstrong.

Maggie Wilson shares a photo with Vic, Tim, and Francesca.

Continuing his Instagram stories, Tim happily answered followers’ messages involving Maggie. He even shared that Maggie cooked adobo for him and that she has always been open to him about her love for her supporters.

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The rumored couple appears to be in Manila nowadays, occasionally posting about their business engagements while in the city.

On December 7, 2021, Maggie captioned her photo with a meaningful message: “There are three things that cannot be hidden for long. The sun, the moon, and the truth. Soon!"

One netizen was quick to comment: “Time is the ultimate truth-teller,” which Maggie didn't hesitate to agree with. “Indeed!” she answers back.

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