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Maggie Wilson On Making Her Own Money: 'Nothing makes me feel more empowered'

She feels lucky that husband Victor Consunji lets her be her own person.

“Why do you still work?” This is one thing that Maggie Wilson is often asked, with the unspoken assumption that she could simply rely on her husband, businessman Victor Consunji, for her financial needs. In her recent Instagram post, Maggie says, “I come from a working class family. I don’t have a trust fund. I don’t have parents who just hand me money and I am so grateful for that because it’s taught me never to take money for granted. No one should ever feel like they’re being treated like an ATM machine either. Money doesn’t grow on trees.”

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The host and blogger says, “I could very well just sit on my ass [and spend] my husband’s money as I please, but you know what? I don’t find that fun. It’s boring as hell to me. Nothing makes me feel more empowered than knowing that I have my own money in the bank. That I can be financially secure on my own. Plus, I think it’s nice that I am able to wine and dine him, too. LOL!”

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Also the founder of Casa Consunji, a home, design, and food company, Maggie says she’s lucky to have a husband “who lets me thrive and be my own person.” She adds, “I know quite a few women who feel like their hands are tied, who feel unhappy and trapped because they sacrifice too much for their spouses and families that they don’t leave anything left for themselves. Protect and love yourself too because it’s important—YOU are important.”

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