Maginhawa Restaurant Draws Flak Over Controversial Name

The restaurant's name, 'Huag Pho Thai,' is not pronounced the way it's spelled.

Huag Pho Thai, a restaurant serving Southeast Asian cuisine, opened in October 2016 at the Z Compound along Malingap Street at Teachers Village in Quezon City.

It wasn't long before people commenting on the restaurant's Facebook page pointed out that its name was open to misinterpretation.

Facebook user Nikki Luna pointed out that the name, "Huag Pho Thai," sounded a lot like "Huwag po, 'tay." Translation: "Daddy, please don't."

Other Facebook users shared Luna's sentiments and they let the restaurant know about it.

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Huag Pho Thai has responded to the concerns about its name through a statement posted on its Facebook page. It seems that that the restaurant owners had a different intention when they came up with the name.

Huag Pho Thai explained: "We opened a month ago, serving South East Asian cuisinesSingaporean, Vietnamese, and Thai. 'Pho', which is pronounced as 'fa,' is one of the dishes that we wish to serve in the coming days. With that said, the name, if pronounced properly, should sound [like] 'Hwag Fa Tay.' But obviously, that didn't happen. So we decided to change our name soon before this blows out of proportion."

In light of the "pronunciation gap," should Huag Pho Thai change its name?

Several people have urged Huag Pho Thai to stick with their name, as it's not their fault that there are those who don't get it.

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