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Maine Mendoza Defends Boyfriend Arjo Atayde From Some AlDub Fans: 'But I say yes #YesToArjo'


Maine Mendoza came to the defense of her boyfriend Arjo Atayde after #NoToArjoTheUser trended on Twitter on January 6.

The hashtag #NoToArjoTheUser trended because some fans of Maine’s on-screen partnership with Alden Richards called AlDub, apparently still support the pair and probably want them to end up IRL.

One Twitter user said, “No to Arjo the user, yes to Richard.”

Another Twitter user posted, “Funny that he’s in the limelight for reasons that we know of.”

Meanwhile, another AlDub fan tweeted, “I [am an] AlDub shipper. Big no to ArMaine so I go to #NoToArjoTheUser.”

Another fan tweet read: “Chaka [nito]. [Though] it could be trending too [because] of the many tweets that are against it, the fact that Maine’s fans did this in the first place is very disappointing.” 

Maine, who came to Arjo’s defense, addressed AlDub fans as she wrote, “Wow, some ‘fans’ made #NoToArjoTheUser trend today. Congrats! But I say #YesToArjo.”


Many of Maine’s supporters agreed with the actress as they tweeted these responses in support of Maine and Arjo:

One fan said, “Can [you all] just respect Maine? It’s her life, not yours. Why can’t [you all] just be happy for her? As long as she’s happy, we should be fine with it. AlDub was, like, five years ago, move on na tayo sa reality.”

Another netizen tweeted: “I’m not a fan of Maine, pero I think she’s happy to be with Arjo. Kung true fan ka ni Maine, you should be supporting her happiness. Sadly, napakita ninyo ang pagiging toxic na fan. #YesToArjo

Another fan commented: “Fans who trended this #NoToArjoTheUser [with] malicious comments can’t accept the fact [that] AlDub has long been over and the fact [that] these boomers don’t [want] to let their [favorites] be happy with their new partners kesyo utang na loob daw, kasi doon daw sila mas kikita?” 

Maine and Arjo celebrated their first year anniversary as a couple on December 21, 2019. Maine publicly admitted that she was dating Arjo in March 2019 where she wrote, “Sadly, I cannot stay as Yaya Dub forever. This is Maine, the real me. And this is real life. And I cannot go on with my life behind a fictional character.”

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