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Maine Mendoza Greets Herself With A Feelsy Birthday Post

She's all for self-love!


After being catapulted into superstardom in only a matter of months, Maine Mendoza has A LOT to be thankful for on her birthday. And the one person she’s dedicating her 21st birthday to is HERSELF!

She’s had one helluva year, and our girl Maine is all for promoting self-love on her special day. Like, really, girl, props to you for doing an amaaaaazing job this year.

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The Kalyeserye star writes on IG:

Before this day ends, I would like to greet myself a happy happy birthday. I am so glad you have successfully gone through 20 years of your life without actually giving up on finding what your life's purpose is. You didn't lose hope in waiting that you will truly discover what you are meant for in this world; that "someday" you were talking about a year ago has arrived– God's right time has finally arrived. It's crazy and amazing how much things can change and happen within a year. Everything is finally falling into place and it couldn't get any better at this moment. This year, I hope you get to enjoy and keep up with everything this "new" world has to offer. I hope you get to discover and experience new things. Always have the courage to take risks and be bold. You have proved to yourself that you are capable of doing things you thought you could never do. Never doubt on yourself always always always keep your head high. I am so proud of you. All the best. Happy 21st birthday.


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That’s our girl! Happy Birthday, Meng!

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