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Maja Salvador Swims With Whale Sharks In Oslob In Her First Vlog Episode

#WanderMaj takes Cebu!

Maja Salvador has just launched her new vlog, "Meet Maja," and the first episode is all about her Cebu trip during the last Sinulog Festival. It was a work trip-slash-birthday celebration for her brother, Kirby. With her family and friends, Maja swam with whale sharks in Oslob and enjoyed some downtime after her dance performance. What’s cool about her vlog is that she provides a price breakdown of everything, from the food to the sightseeing packages they availed of.

A few things we learned about Maja from her vlog: She *really* loves dancing whenever and wherever, she eats a banana before every performance, and she knows the ASMR joy of cracking crispy lechon skin.

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