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I'm Taking Notes From Marjorie Barretto's Simple But Elegant Birthday Setup

So, so pretty!

You might be wondering: Does she have a Marjorie Barretto alert on her phone or...? The answer is no, but I swear, this woman is my new obsession! In her most recent vlog, shot a day before her birthday, Marjorie takes us around her home as she sets up for an intimate celebration. 

She prepared pink roses (only P150/dozen, excuse me!!) and placed the flowers in cute vases. I don't even love roses, but I definitely made a mental note to order some for my own birthday. The vases are from a department store and the price range is from P150 to P350, depending on the size. Marjorie paired that with embroidered, floral tablecloths that were given to her by her mom. 

A woman after my own heart, she, of course, has a buffet table. Again, I *need* this. Her dining table naman has lots of white, gold, and pink—including the prettiest colored glasses for only P149/each. 

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BRB, I gotta go shop online!


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