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Maxene Magalona Goes On A Solo Trip To Boracay, Tells Netizens: 'Don't come to my page for gossip'

'Actors are human beings, too.'
maxene magalona goes on a solo trip to boracay

Maxene Magalona did a bit of solo soul searching over the holidays in Boracay and the actress took to Instagram to share a lengthy post about people asking her "a lot of questions" about her personal life.

Posted on December 31 on Instagram, Maxene wrote, "I've been receiving a lot of questions about my personal life so I would just like to share a few things which I believe we can all learn from."

The actress' first point? "It is not polite to ask people about their personal lives especially when you don't know them personally. And even if you DO know them, you should give them space and wait for them to open up to you instead of prying and wanting to invade their privacy."

Further, she said, "Actors are human beings, too. Even if our job entails us to be in the limelight, it doesn't mean that we owe our private stories to the public."


The actress also noted that public figures have the right to choose when and with who they share their stories. Regarding social media, she said, "Social media should be a safe space where we can all express ourselves healthily and authentically, choosing only what we want to share."

Maxene also pointed out that "gossip is a form of energy leak." She added, "It's better to spend your energy praying rather than gossiping."

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The actress also spoke up about achieving inner peace: "Inner peace is achieved when we focus on ourselves and not on the lives of others." She added, "God is love."

"If you're wondering why I am happy and at peace, it's because I strengthen my connection to God every day. I even sing to Him when I'm overflowing with gratitude," she wrote. 

Ending her lengthy post, Maxene said, "Don't come to my page for gossip. Come to my page for God."

Absent from Maxene's recent Insta posts is husband Rob Mananquil. In a separate post, the eldest daughter of the late Francis Magalona shared that her much-needed solo trip to Boracay was one of the best decisions she has ever made in her life. 

The actress shared that she used to come to Boracay "to get wasted" but came back to "accept my past, practice being present, and trust that God is in control of my future."


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