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'Mean Girls' Dubbed In Tagalog Is Seriously Giving Us Life

'Pak! Ganda ng pulseras!'
PHOTO: Mean Girls/Paramount Pictures

If you've been online this past week (but really, who hasn't been?), chances are you've come across these viral Mean Girls videos making the rounds on Facebook. What makes these videos special and suuuper hilarious is they're dubbed in Tagalog by Facebook user Macoy Averilla.

In his two-part videos, the first features the "Jingle Bell Rock" performance of the Plastics and the second is of Cady Heron's first meeting with Regina George in the cafeteria. Macoy gives us so much LOLs with his fresh take on our fave teen movie; case in point: hearing the ~*iconic*~ convo of Cady and Regina in the cafeteria dubbed in Tagalog is the best thing ever.

Regina: Ba't hindi kita kilala? (Why don't I know you?)

Cady: Bago lang ako. Galing akong Divisoria. (I'm new. I just moved here from Africa.)

Regina: Ano? (What?)

Cady: Sabi nang Divisoria. (I used to be home-schooled.)

Regina: Teka. Ano? (Wait. What?)

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Cady: Divisoria. Malapit sa Carriedo. (My mom taught me at home.)

Regina: Gaga, alam ko 'yun. So, galing ka talagang Divisoria? (I know what home-schooled is. I’m not retarded. So you've actually never been to a real school before?)

Cady: *shakes head*

Regina: Manahimik ka! Manahimik ka! (Shut up! Shut up!)

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Cady: Pota, wala nga akong sinasabi. (I didn't say anything.)

Regina: Divisoria. Mukhang okay 'dun. (Home-schooled. That’s really interesting.)

Cady: Tenks. (Thanks.)

Regina: Pero ang ganda mo, ah. (But you're, like, really pretty.)

Cady: Shelemet. (Thank you.)

Regina: So, maganda ka? (So, you agree?)

Cady: Ha? (What?)

Regina: Ganda ka? (You think you're really pretty?)

Cady: Hindi ko alam. (Oh, I don't know.)

Regina: Pak! Ganda ng pulseras! Saan galing? (Oh, my god. I love your bracelet. Where did you get it?)

Cady: Galing Quiapo. (Oh, my mom made it.)

Regina: Ganda. (It's adorable.)

See what I mean?! While the transcript isn't a direct translation of the script, Macoy gave it his own Pinoy flavor that we just love. Watch his two-part Mean Girls videos below:

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